Islamic Finance World North America 2008 – New York, NY May 19-22, 2008

North America’s largest Islamic finance conference

Until a few years ago Islamic finance was considered to be relatively niche. Worth more than $500 billion today, Islamic finance is a significant financial market offering varied financial products that are attracting interest from Muslims and non-Muslim investors on a global scale.

Terrapinn’s Islamic Finance World North America 2008 is more than just a conference. It is a year long marketing campaign. It is a cost effective sales and marketing solution that works throughout the year, providing you with new contacts and great exposure, culminating in an event which will bring you face-to-face with your key customers and prospects. It is an integral part of a global brand that has a proven track record of excellence.

This event will be the most comprehensive and action-oriented conference on Islamic Finance in North America – offering tools, tips, techniques and key industry contacts. The focus will be on wholesale banking but the event will include two sessions on the fast growing area of Islamic retail banking.

Banks, law firms and service providers

  • Identify retail banking opportunities in the North American market
  • Generate ideas on how to create Shariah compliant products
  • Showcase your innovation in serving Islamic investors to potential partners
  • Gain insight on leading banks accessing the
    North American Islamic window
  • Hear case studies from the pioneers of North American Islamic finance

Investors and issuers

  • Compare Shariah compliant financing options for private equity and real estate
  • Learn different viewpoints on the parameters of Shariah compliant fund
  • Access fund managers, banks and advisors to create new investment products
  • Hear how peers realize return potential from Shariah compliant investments
  • Discuss how sukuk investments offer diversification in a fixed income portfolio

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2 commentaires

  1. Il n’y a pas encore de banque islamique au Canada. Il existe cependant des coopératives de financement pour l’acquisition de logements qui fonctionnent selon la Charia. Vous pouvez trouver leurs coordonnées ci-dessus à la page Housing Finance.

  2. je voudrais connaitre les possibiltes quand a une cooperation avec une banque islamique a canada etant donne que jy habite et que je suis mesulmun

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