Morocco to spearhead Islamic private equity in the MENA region with US$ 1 billion investment funds

Morocco intends to make agriculture a lever for growth during the next decade

A collective of investment professionals is undertaking to set up an integrated Islamic finance investment platform in Morocco through the creation of the country’s first Sharia compliant financial institutions, including a private equity management company and an Islamic microfinance organisation.

The project intends to provide attractive investment opportunities to national and international institutional investors keen to contribute to the country’s high growth and employment expectations.

Investments shall focus on agribusiness and growth SMEs, while targeting the following strategic objectives:

  • Providing attractive returns to national and international institutional investors both in dividends and capital appreciation.
  • Massive job creation.
  • Contributing to food security.
  • Strengthening value chains integration and fresh food distribution networks.
  • Boosting rural development.
  • Promoting Islamic finance through private equity and microfinance.
  • Leading impact investments.

The initiative targets to raise US$ 1 billion through investment funds over a period of 5 to 7 years.

The Moroccan investment finance platform shall provide standardised Islamic finance packages to the agribusiness sector, in parallel with Moroccan authorities’ intention to make agriculture a major lever for growth during the next decade under the “Green Morocco Plan“. Investments would target high productivity SMEs, as well as micro-enterprises aggregated in value chain clusters.

Morocco is the leader in the MENA region regarding SME financing, microfinance institutions, as well as fruits, vegetables and seafood exportation, and the initiative intends to capitalise on these advantages to build the largest fresh food supply chain and distribution network in the MENA region.

Investors relation : We are now at the pre-qualification stage of investors. This is not a call for subscription.

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