The ethics of the Islamic Finance System

Why did Allah, Most Wise, choose to send one more revelation about the prohibition of Riba (Usury) shortly before the death of Prophet Muhammad (‘alaihi al-Salam)? Why did He choose a time that appears to have been the last possible time to send that revelation? Why did He send such an obvious reminder even AFTER sending the revelation in which He announced the perfection of the Religion of Islam (Din) and the completion of His favor to the believers ?

By Imran Nazar Hosein, from the Preface of his Book “Jerusalem in the Qur’an”, Internet Edition – Syndication : Ribh.


The world economy today

Today’s world economic system is based on Riba. Riba is usually translated as usury, i.e., the lending of money on interest regardless of the rate of interest. But the definition of Riba in Islam also includes transactions that are based on deception and which give to the deceiver a profit or gain to which he is not justly entitled. In American vocabulary such a transaction is described as a ‘rip-off’!

A basic characteristic of the economy around the world today is that wealth no longer circulates throughout the economy. Rather wealth now circulates only amongst the wealthy. In consequence around the world the rich are now permanently rich and the poor are imprisoned in permanent poverty. Secondly, the rich keep on growing richer as they literally suck the blood of the masses, while the poor descend into such destitution as brings in its wake anarchy, violence, immense suffering and the destruction of faith and values.

The rich rule the world by using their wealth to control politics. Democracy has become the rule of the rich and for the rich in what amounts to financial prostitution. But the rich do not themselves, directly rule. Rather they do it by proxy and deception in the form of support that they extend to popular politicians and political parties over whom they then exercise invisible control. That is a true description of the political economy of the world today.

Most of the rest of mankind are imprisoned in permanent poverty in ever-increasing squalor, destitution, misery and suffering. They are condemned to work for slave wages so that others may live off their sweat. They also live in ever-increasing insecurity with constant burglaries, violence, shootings, killings and rape of women in neighborhoods infested with drugs and drug dealers.

The rich have access to clean drinking water and to the best medical health services that money can buy. The poor are forced to drink polluted water full of bacteria. They are forced to eat food and drink milk laced with chemicals and hormones. Increasingly they must also eat genetically altered food. They fall ill but cannot afford the cost of medical treatment. They live miserable lives and die miserable deaths. In fact the world economy is a new sophisticated form of economic slavery. But it operates by way of awesome deception.

First of all, although those who control the economy around the world preach a gospel of the ‘free and fair market’, they themselves violate the ‘free market’ by imposing legal obligations on people to accept the use of fraudulent artificial paper money as legal tender. And paper money constantly loses value! As poverty increases and deepens they impose price controls on basic necessities such as food etc., and minimum wage legislation upon the labor market. They do so in order to avert the possibility that the hungry suffering masses would rise up in rebellion against the government and the predatory elite. They also do so in order to avert the possibility that the masses would recognize their new slavery.

The deception extends beyond the above. Many of the poor look at those traveling first class and are convinced that such people and their way of life represent heaven itself. And they long to go to that heaven. They are unable to understand the system of oppression and how it works. Others among the poor respond to their economic oppression with blind rage and resort to acts of violence directed against all those who have some wealth and who are in authority. The poor all believe that they live in hell and they imitate the way of life of those traveling first class in the belief that it represents a taste of heaven.

Cuban President, Fidel Castro, like Ivan Illich (Energy and Equity) described the world economy in similar language: “Never before did mankind have such formidable scientific and technologic potential, such extraordinary capacity to produce riches and well-being, but never before were disparity and inequity so profound in the world.” He responded to this economic oppression by declaring that: “Another Nuremberg is required to judge the unjust economic order.” (Text of his Presidential Address, Summit Conference, Group of 77, Havana, September 2000)

Islamic economic wisdom challenges the oppressive New World Order

Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) gave to the world an economic order that was free from economic injustice and oppression. No one worked for slave wages. Wealth did not circulate only amongst the wealthy but, rather, throughout the economy. The rich were not permanently rich and the poor were not permanently poor. The market was a free and a fair market. No one could ‘reap’ without ‘planting’. Money had intrinsic value and so it could not be manipulated by banks and by a predatory elite to reduce its value. In consequence, such a market and economy never experienced ‘inflation’. No prices were fixed, including the price of labor. Social welfare was achieved in the form of a compulsory tax on wealth that was used to provide for those who did not possess the basic necessities of life. But the value system of the society ensured that the effort would be made, by those who were capable of such effort, to extricate themselves from having to live off that charity.

The Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) succeeded where every government in the world today has failed. He succeeded because he enforced the divine prohibition of Riba (usury or lending and borrowing money on interest) and he maintained the integrity of money by using real money (rather than artificial money i.e., paper and plastic money). In addition he enforced a penal code that gave deterrent punishment to those found guilty of theft. But the world rejected him, and Muslims abandoned his economic Sunnah. And so the world is condemned to live with today’s Dhulm (oppression) and Fasad, i.e., the corruption and destruction of the free and fair market.

White western civilization wants us to believe that theirs is the most advanced and progressive model of an economy it has ever been the good fortune of mankind to experience! And one-eyed brainwashed Muslim ‘mimic-men’ are busy trying to ensure that the world of Islam emulates the West. In fact, that predatory American and white western dream is fertilized with the blood of the masses around the world, and with the wealth that is constantly being skimmed off an unsuspecting ignorant mankind.

The Noble Qur’an not only explains the world today, but also explains its economic oppression. The Qur’an, which is a book of ‘wisdom’ (and this includes economic wisdom), has established rules ensuring that wealth does not circulate only amongst the wealthy:

“What Allah has bestowed on His Messenger (and taken away) from the people of the townships, belongs to Allah, to His Messenger and to kindred and orphans, the needy and the wayfarer; in order that it (i.e., wealth) may not (only) circulate amongst the wealthy among you. So take what the Messenger assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. And fear Allah; for Allah is strict in punishment.” (Qur’an, al-Hashr, 59:7)

Muslims have abandoned the rules of the Qur’an and, as a consequence, they now pay a terrible price for their folly! A new sophisticated and deceptive economic slavery is descending upon them, as well as upon the rest of humanity. The shameful irony in this is clear when we remember that one of the basic functions of Islam in the world is to liberate the oppressed.

What is the cause of this global economic oppression? It is Riba! A predatory global elite centered in the banking centers in the West, but also present around the world, is constantly sucking the wealth and the blood of mankind and impoverishing the laboring masses through Riba. The oppressor creates political, legislative, judicial and legal systems, the media etc., with consummate deception, and he ensures that they all fulfill the basic function of preserving the system of economic oppression. The film industry, television, the internet, modern music, designer clothing, etc., are used to transport the masses to fantasy-land so that they remain in a state of blissful ignorance while Riba is used to control and enslave them. The ultimate objective is to enslave all of mankind and, through poverty and destitution, and through wealth which has been obtained corruptly, to subject faith in Allah Most High and the religious way of life to the ultimate test and trial. The evidence to date already confirms that most Muslims, the predatory rich as well as the miserable poor, are failing that test of faith.

It should be a cause for serious concern, if not alarm, that a world which still comprises many civilizations, some of which are thousands of years old, should be embraced not only by the same secular political system based on Shirk, but also by the same secular economy based on Riba. The economic weapon of Riba complements the political weapon of the modern secular State and the United Nations Organization [The New Worl Order] successfully pursuing his mission of achieving political and economic control over the entire world.

Our method is to first explain the importance of the subject and then, subsequently, to explain the verses of the Qur’an which deal with the subject of Riba, and the Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). Finally, we will attempt to explain Riba at work in the modern economy.

What is Riba?

Riba is usury. Usury is now commonly understood as the lending of money at illegally high rates of interest. But this deliberate corruption of terminology took place in Europe in order to permit the ‘money lender’ (now called banker) to bypass the Christian church and its objection to all forms of usury. R. W. Tawney wrote a classic book in 1935 entitled “Religion and the Rise of Capitalism” in which he described the prolonged Euro-Christian opposition to Riba. William Shakespeare also did the same in his classic play, “The Merchant of Venice”.

Riba in Islam (as in medieval Christianity) is the lending of money on interest, regardless of the rate of interest. When a ‘money lender’ lends money on interest, then money by itself, independent of any labor or effort or the assumption of any risk by the investor, increases over time. The increase is realized by deception through the exploitation of labor, goods and property. This becomes clear when attention is directed to that which Allah has unambiguously declared in the Qur’an:

“… man is entitled to nothing except that for which he labored.” (Qur’an, al-Najm, 53:39)

Thus the Qur’an rejects the claim that money can increase over time!

One of the ways through which that exploitation takes place is the consequent decrease in the value of wages, of goods and of property over time, something that Allah has specifically prohibited in several verses of the Qur’an. The Prophet Shu’aib constantly warned his people of the wickedness of their economic life:

“ … do not deprive people of what is rightfully theirs by diminishing the value of their things (such as their labor, merchandise, property etc).” (Qur’an, al-’Araf, 7:85; Hud, 11:85; al-Shu’ara‘, 26:183; etc.)

Perhaps the secularized champions of organized labor, who dismiss the Qur’an as a book of guidance, would now begin to understand the reason why the labor force is daily being transformed into jackasses who sweat on behalf of the rich, and the banks which they own.

Muslims must also understand that Riba is at work when wealth is sucked from the masses through legalized fraud involved in the use of artificial paper money. This money replaced the money that was the Sunnah of every Prophet of Allah Most High i.e., gold and silver and other precious metals. Artificial paper, plastic and electronic money (i.e., secular money) has no intrinsic value. Rather the value of the money is assigned to it and then it constantly loses value over time, as the system was designed to make it happen. Banks are the major actors at work in forcing a decrease in the value of money, and banks make the most profit when such occurs. As money loses value, the value of everything is decreased. Prices rise, and wages lose value. Labor is then imprisoned in slave wages.

The last revelation of the Qur’an

In the last revelation of the Qur’an Allah Most Wise, chose to return to a subject which had already been dealt with in earlier revelations – in the Qur’an, as well as in the Torah, the Psalms, and the Gospel – namely the subject of the prohibition of Riba. On the authority of Ahadith we know that the last revelation received by the blessed Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) shortly before his death, was the passage in Surah al-Baqarah (2:279-281) which dealt with Riba.

That last revelation confirmed the Prophet’s retroactive enforcement of the legislation prohibiting Riba in the khutbah al-wada’a (Farewell Sermon) from ’Arafat. The last revelation is to be found in this passage from the Qur’an. We quote the entire passage with our own explanatory comments :

“Those who spend of their wealth by day and by night, secretly and openly, for such there will be reward with their Lord, nor will they have cause for fear, nor will they grieve.” (Provided that wealth is spent in a manner that is Halal, such spending will stimulate the economy and put wealth into circulation.)

“Those (on the other hand) who consume Riba will not stand (before Allah on the Last Day) except as though Satan drove them to madness with his touch” (this is because Riba represents the opposite of ‘spending’ – in Riba wealth is sucked out of the economy until the masses are reduced to poverty and destitution.)

“That is because they say business and Riba are similar to each other.” (They argue that ‘lending money on interest’ is a legitimate form of business.)

“But Allah has permitted business and forbidden Riba.” (Their argument is false. Allah has made business Halal but has made Riba Haram. And so Riba is not a form of business. This is because the very essence of a legitimate business transaction is that it must admit of the possibility of either a profit or a loss. When money is lent on interest the possibility of a loss is so minimized that it is almost eliminated! Hence the lending of money on interest cannot qualify as a business transaction.)

“And so, anyone who receives (this) warning from his Lord and thereupon desists (from Riba) may keep his past gains (i.e., the Riba he previously accepted), and his affair rests with Allah (i.e., it will be for Allah to judge him – he will not be forced by the Islamic State to return the Riba he had taken.) “But as for those who return to it (i.e., persist in Riba by way of lending money on interest, for example, after this revelation of the Qur’an), they are destined for the fire, therein to abide forever!” “(And with this) Allah eradicates Riba, whereas He blesses charitable deeds with manifold increase (because the essence of Riba is to ‘take’ and to ‘give’ nothing in return, while the essence of charity is to ‘give’ and ‘take’ nothing in return).”

“And Allah does not love anyone who is stubbornly ingrate and who persists in sin” (with particular reference to the sin of consuming Riba).

“Verily, those who have attained to faith and do good works, and are constant in prayer, and dispense charity, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve.”

“O you who have attained to faith, fear Allah and give up all the Riba which is outstanding (i.e., which you still claim to be due to you) if you are truly believers. If you do not do so (i.e., if you persist in lending money on interest even after declaring yourselves to be Muslims) then take notice of (a declaration of) war from Allah and His Messenger (i.e., take notice that Muslims who abide by Islam would wage war against you for the liberation of all those who are oppressed because of Riba).”

“But if you turn away (i.e., if you give up Riba) then you shall have (i.e., you will be entitled to reclaim) only your principal sums (which you had lent on the basis of Riba; i.e., you may have only the principal sum – not the principal sum plus a reasonable amount of interest, or not the principal sum plus a service charge).”

“Deal not unjustly and you shall not be dealt with unjustly.” (This might more properly be translated as follows: In accepting the return of only the principal sum lent you will spare yourself from the sin of being unjust to others, and in giving up the interest which was due to you, you will not, yourself, be subjected to any form of injustice.)

“And if the debtor is in difficulty, grant him time until it is easy for him to repay. But if you remit it (i.e., if you write off the debt) by way of charity, that will be best for you, if you only knew.”

“And fear the Day in which you (i.e., all of mankind including those who consume Riba) will be brought back to Allah, then every human being will receive what it earned, and none shall be wronged. » (Qur’an, al-Baqarah, 2:274-281)

Why did Allah, Most Wise, choose to send one more revelation shortly before the death of the Prophet (‘alaihi al-Salam)? Why did He choose a time that appears to have been the last possible time to send that revelation? Why did He do this after sending revelation in which He announced the perfection of Din and the completion of His favor to the believers?

There must surely be very important answers to all these questions. It appears to us that such a last revelation could only properly be used to reiterate something that lay at the very heart of the divine guidance. Additionally, it could be used to direct attention to that part of the divine guidance in which the faith of the believers would be most vulnerable to a future attack (the mother of all attacks) by enemies of Islam. Finally, it

may have come at the last because it would assume a position of absolutely strategic importance in the Last Age. And Allah knows best!

The choice of the subject of Riba as the last revelation appears to constitute the most dire of all warnings that Riba can pose the gravest of all threats to the faith, freedom, and power of the believers. This subject is of supreme importance for herein lies the potential for the most dangerous, destructive, and devastating attack on the faith of the believers and the integrity and power of the Ummah of the Prophet (‘alaihi al-Salam).

The Prophet confirms the greatest danger of Riba

This opinion of ours appears to be confirmed by the fact that the Prophet (‘alaihi al-Salam) himself prophesied, in a Hadith received from Abu Hurairah (ra), the eventual total success of precisely such an attack launched through Riba. It would be an attack launched obviously by enemies of Islam, but it would penetrate all of mankind, including the followers of Prophet Muhammad (‘alaihi al-Salam):

“There will come a time,” said the Prophet, “when you will not be able to find a single person in all of mankind who will not be consuming Riba. And if anyone claims that he is not consuming Riba then surely the vapor of Riba will reach him.” According to another text “the dust of Riba will reach him.” (Sunan Abu Daud)

The Prophet ((sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) thus made it abundantly clear that the greatest danger to the integrity of the Ummah and of the Iman (faith) of the believers would come from Riba. This confirmed the warning from Allah Most High Himself that was manifested in the choice of Riba as the subject of the last revelation.

The prophecy of the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) concerning the universal prevalence of Riba has today been fulfilled. Indeed it has been fulfilled in our own miserable lifetime! Specifically it has been fulfilled during the time that has elapsed since the Ottoman Caliphate was abolished in 1924. Up to 1924 the Riba-based capitalist European economy could not succeed in penetrating the economy and the market of the Muslim world. But Europe did succeed in enticing the governments that presided over the affairs of Muslims to enter into Riba. The Ottoman Caliph, for example, had borrowed considerable sums of money on interest from Europe. His financial and economic difficulties grew to such an extent that he was forced, as a desperate means of preventing the collapse of the Empire, to seek membership in the new European secular State system. He achieved this in the Paris Peace Agreement of 1856. But the price he had to pay was to succumb to a financial blackmail that extracted from him the abolition of Jizyah and Ahl al-Dhimmah in all the territories of the Ottoman Empire. This was also a quid pro quo for debt and interest payment relief. In doing so the Caliph betrayed Allah Most High Who had Himself established the jizyah tax in the Qur’an (al-Tauba, 9:29).

The success of Euro-Jewish bankers in targeting the Ottoman Caliph was a classic example of the financial imperialism, which is made possible through Riba. Henry Kissinger was the author of the same strategy that eventually led to the collapse of a super-power in modern times, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). That event should have opened the eyes of the ‘Ulama of Islam. It did not! As a consequence the same strategy continues to be pursued by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and by so many others.

The success of European/Jewish financial blackmail witnessed the beginning of the dismantling of the sacred model of a public order in the world of Islam (Dar al-Islam), and of its replacement with the secular European model. In that model of a State, ‘sovereignty’ was taken away from Allah Most High and was located, instead, in the State. That was an act of Shirk!

Indeed, since 1924 Riba has penetrated the total economic life of Muslims all around the world. The financial imperialism inherent in Riba has delivered the entire world of Islam by its very throat into the hands of enemies with sharpened knives. Indeed all of mankind is now trapped in the worlds of Riba and Shirk. Not only has the prophecy of the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) been fulfilled through the total victory of Riba based banking all over the world, and through the Riba that is inherent in non redeemable artificial money, but it has also been fulfilled in the total corruption of the free and fair market. Today’s so-called free market is, in fact, a ‘den of thieves’, in which the strong exploit the weak.

Finally, the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) himself echoed the extreme gravity and dire warning in the Qur’anic revelation by using the strongest possible language in connection with Riba :

“Abu Hurairah (ra) said that the Messenger of Allah said: Riba is of seventy different parts, the least dangerous being equivalent to a man marrying (i.e., having sexual intercourse with) his own mother.” (Sunan, Ibn Majah; Baihaqi)

“Abdullah Ibn Hanzala (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah said: A dirham (silver coin) of Riba, which a man receives knowingly, is worse than committing adultery thirty-six times. (Ahmad). Baihaqi transmitted it, on the authority of Ibn Abbas (ra), with the addition that the Prophet continued to say: Hell is more fitting for him whose flesh is nourished by what is Haram.”

“Abu Hurairah reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: On the night I was taken up to heaven I came upon people whose bellies were like houses which contained snakes which could be seen from outside their bellies. I asked Gabriel who they were and he told me that they were people who had consumed Riba.” (Musnad, Ahmad; Sunan, Ibn Majah)

“Abu Hurairah (ra) reported that the Prophet said: Allah would be justified in not allowing four persons to enter paradise or to taste its blessings: he who drinks habitually (i.e., drinks alcohol), he who takes Riba, he who usurps an orphan’s property without right, and he who is unmindful to his parents.” (Mustadrak, al-Hakim, ‘Kitab al-Buyu’)

The Prophet (‘alaihi al-Salam) also reaffirmed the declaration of war from Allah and His Messenger in connection with the prohibition of Riba in the following Hadith :

“Jabir Ibn Abdullah (ra) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say: If any one of you does not leave mukhabara he should take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. Zaid Ibn Thabit said: I asked: What is mukhabarah? He replied: That you have the land for cultivation for a half, a third, or a quarter (of the produce).” (The danger here is that it leads deceptively to slave labour.) (Sunan, Abu Daud)

It should be clear from the material presented above that the establishment of an economy based on Riba is a very great sin indeed.

The Prophet and the collapse of paper money

It is also a matter of absolutely critical importance that Muslims should carefully study the prophecy of the Prophet (‘alaihi al-Salam) in which he has prophesied the collapse of artificial secular currency (i.e., paper, plastic, and electronic money, etc.):

“Abu Bakr ibn Abi Maryam (ra) reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah say: A time is certainly coming over mankind in which there will be nothing (left) which will be of use (or benefit) save a dinar and a dirham (gold and silver coins).” (Musnad, Ahmad)

That prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) is about to be fulfilled. Today’s monetary system uses ‘paper’ to make ‘money’. That is a manifest fraud! Artificial money is quite different from real money. Real money has intrinsic value, while paper money has none. Its only value is that conferred upon it by market forces. Its market value will last only for as long as, and to the extent that, there is public confidence in it and demand for it in the market. Demand is itself based on confidence, and confidence is something that can be manipulated (as Malaysia’s Prime Minister has now recognized, and as Indonesia has recognized too late). So long as governments controlled the so-called free-currency markets, they could intervene to protect public confidence. But the currency market is now controlled by the most vicious of all speculative forces, forces fueled by compelling greed with no loyalties. Anything that seriously disturbs market confidence will cause the speculative stampede that will fulfill the prophecy of the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

Allah, Most High, wages war against Riba

Allah the Supreme spoke with such forceful language concerning the sin of Riba that it is, perhaps, the greatest sin (other than Shirk) that exists in the realm of belief or conduct. Allah’s anger against the oppressor (because of the oppression of Riba) is so great that they will stand before Him after their resurrection as a people who appear to be driven to madness by the touch of Satan.

“O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers. If ye do it not, take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger…” (Qur’an, al-Baqarah, 2:278-9)

The above verse of the Qur’an is indicative of the supreme importance Allah Most High attaches to the prohibition of Riba. In the entire history of divine revelation, to the best of my knowledge, Almighty Allah has never used such extremely strong language for anything else besides Riba.

After the death of Solomon (‘alaihi al-Salam) the Israelites corrupted the Torah by rewriting it several times in several different versions. The Harvard-trained American Biblical scholar, Richard Friedman, has conclusively demonstrated this in his very important work entitled: « Who Wrote the Bible? » (New York: Harper and Row, 1989). The Israelites removed all references in the Torah to the temple (or masjid) built by Abraham (‘alaihi al-Salam) and Ishmael (‘alaihi al-Salam) in Arabia. The Ka’aba and the Hajj are no longer to be found in the Torah. They also substituted all references to Ishmael (‘alaihi al-Salam) as the son of the sacrifice with the name of his brother Isaac (‘alaihi al-Salam), even though Isaac (‘alaihi al-Salam) was not even born when the trial of the sacrifice took place. In addition, the child of the sacrifice was described by Allah in the Qur’an as Haleem (patient and forbearing) (Saffat, 37:101), whereas the son to be born to Sarah was described as Aleem (wise) (al-Hijr,15:53). They substituted Arabia with Palestine as the place of the sacrifice. Zam Zam, the miraculous spring of water that sprang from the desert sand when Gabriel (‘alaihi al-Salam) rubbed his heel on the sand, now became a well in Palestine. They demonized Ishmael (‘alaihi al-Salam) in the Torah as “a wild ass of a man” and excluded him from Allah’s covenant so that they could claim exclusive title to being the ‘chosen people’ of Allah. Most dangerous of all, however, was their corruption and willful distortion of the divine prohibition against Riba. They rewrote the Torah to make it permissible for money to be lent on interest to non-believers while maintaining the prohibition against Riba in intra-Israelite transactions (Deuteronomy, 23:20-21).

Allah the Almighty responded to this heinous crime by sending against them the Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar, overran Palestine, defeated the Israelites, enslaved all those whom he captured, destroyed the State of Israel and Masjid al-Aqsa (which had been built by Solomon), and transported the Israelites as slaves back to Babylon (al-Isra, 17:4,5). This was most certainly a powerful demonstration of Allah’s capacity to wage war.

There was a second demonstration when the Roman Emperor, Titus, ravaged Jerusalem and destroyed the temple (or masjid) a second time (al-Isra, 17:7, 104). This, also, was related to Riba. Allah had sent three Prophets, Zakariah (‘alaihi al-Salam), John (‘alaihi al-Salam), and Jesus (‘alaihi al-Salam), to the Israelites. That part of the Israelites who rejected these Prophets became known as Jews (al-Yahood). The Jews murdered Zakariah (‘alaihi al-Salam) inside of Masjid al-Aqsa (Matthew, 24:35, 36; Luke, 11:51). John (‘alaihi al-Salam) was beheaded by way of deception. And, finally, the Jews boasted of how they had killed Jesus (‘alaihi al-Salam). In all three instances the Prophets of Allah had attacked them and denounced them for their wickedness. This included their denunciation of the Jews for the crime of changing the Torah and for consuming Riba. Jesus (‘alaihi al-Salam), for example, went into Masjid al-Aqsa and found them engaged in Riba. He cursed them, turned over their tables, chased them out of the temple (Masjid) and declared: “You have taken the house of Allah and transformed it into a den of thieves.” Thus it was because the Prophets of Allah exposed their wickedness of consuming Riba, among other crimes, that they killed them (except for Jesus, whom Allah saved miraculously). Allah Most High responded to this wickedness by sending a Roman army that destroyed the State of Israel for a second time.

The warning of a declaration of war from Allah Most High for the consumption of Riba, assumes even greater importance when we reflect over the fact that Allah Most High intervened to protect the first Masjid (i.e., Ka’aba) when Abraha came with his army of elephants to destroy it (Qur’an, al-Fil, 105:1-5). Even when the Ka’aba was filled with idols, Allah Most High still intervened to save it from destruction. And yet, even though there were no idols in the second Masjid (i.e., Masjid al-Aqsa), Allah Most High twice sent armies to destroy it. Such is the state of Divine anger over the oppression caused by Riba.

By Imran Nazar Hosein –

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