Boycott Boeing, fly Airbus

Apache helicopter made by Boeing in the United States... Fly Airbus !
Apache helicopter made by Boeing in the United States... Fly Airbus !

Former Malaysian prime minister calls for a boycott of US goods

Former Malaysian prime minister – Dr Mahathir Mohammad – urged consumers to protest Israel’s invasion of Gaza by boycotting American products since the United States is Tel Aviv’s strongest supporter. “They will not die if they do not drink Coca Cola,” the former prime minister said at a press conference today, as he urged Malaysians to make sacrifices to stop the violence in the Middle East.

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has become a major issue here, with a majority of Malaysia’s Muslims sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Dr Mahathir’s call comes as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi announced the government would send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The former prime minister said he believes that people have the power and capacity to act for change. This cannot be done by Malaysians alone, he added, but needs to be a worldwide movement.

He also urged governments to stop depending on the US dollar as a trading currency and instead look for alternatives such as the Euro. He believes that if countries stop using US dollars, then the American economy would be in jeopardy since “America is a bankrupt nation”.

dollar_boycott141“Governments should stop buying weapons from the US and should look to Russia. This will cripple the American war industry and help stop the production and distribution of weapons,” he said. Since the United States is Malaysia’s major trading partner, Dr Mahathir agreed that sacrifices would have to be made but “if you want to do something good, you have to pay the price.”

Dr Mahathir also said that the conflict between Hamas and Fatah was engineered by the US and Israel. The root cause of the present war in Gaza was that Hamas was democratically elected, but the US and Israel were not in favour of them, he argued.

Dr Mahathir contends the US and Israel tried to use Fatah to get rid of Hamas but failed and are now resorting to their military strength. He also reminded reporters that the present conflict is not a religious conflict but one involving territory. He said that historically Muslims and Jews have lived peacefully together.

Source : The Malaysian Insider


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