Find your job at the “Opportunities Dubai & Gulf States Expo” London Olympia 07- 08 March 2009


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and wider Gulf States are looking for skilled and experienced people. If that’s you, then you’re already a step closer to your new life in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain or any of the other growing Gulf States.

The easiest route starts with a job offer. The Opportunities Dubai & Gulf States Expo provides you with the possibility of finding that job – and you don’t have to travel out of the UK to get it!

The Expo will bring top employers and recruitment consultants to the UK. Job offers will be made at the expo, and in the weeks afterwards, to people with the right skills. Specialists will be at the expo to answer visa queries and hold free migration seminars.

According to Shelter Offshore, an online publication that specialises in “providing news, information and assistance to people who are interested in pursuing a low tax « off-shore » life style via relocation to a new country, investing in foreign markets or protecting their financial assets with prudent use of safe haven investments such as gold”, the popularity of the emirate of Dubai is increasing with expatriate Britons, Americans and Europeans as the credit crunch continues to bite back home, and job opportunities dry up.

Shelter Offshore say they have received a greater intensity of interest in information about working in Dubai in recent months than at any other point in the past, Dubai continuing to advance economically speaking, offering a low/no-tax lifestyle where the standard of living borders on the luxurious, and there are still plenty of employment opportunities.

To determine where there are likely to be jobs for expatriates living in Dubai, Shelter Offshore invites relocation candidates to look at the Free Trade Zones – for within these economic zones the majority of international companies operate.  You have Dubai Internet City where most jobs are ICT related, Dubai Media City which incorporates companies and therefore jobs in the broadcasting, advertising, publishing and production sectors.  DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is home to banking, finance and insurance type companies and jobs, Dubai Maritime City is a service centre for the maritime industry, the Airport Free Zone is where there’s everything from straight airline related jobs to companies specialising in import and export.  Also, what about the Jebel Ali Free Zone which is the oldest of all the FTZs, the Biotechnology and Research Park, Healthcare City, Logistics City or Knowledge Village.

All of these free zones house companies employing expatriates in everything from management to engineering, construction to finance, education to healthcare, information technology to consultancy.  There are even jobs in the tourism industry, there are opportunities for those who teach English as a foreign language, and if you set your mind to it and look more objectively at your own skill and experience set, you will probably find an employment sector that could benefit from your valuable self.

Whilst the rest of the world seems to suffer from the global economic crisis, Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates, whilst not immune are certainly coping much better with the way things are progressing fiscally speaking.  This can mean that there are more opportunities in Dubai and it can mean that for at least a fixed term contract, an offer of a job in Dubai could be just what you need to ride out the recession in comfort – if not style!

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