WhiteRock Group expands with new offices in Dubai

In fact, this week the firm opens for business in three new financial hotspots — Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai.

So how does executive search firm par excellence WhiteRock Group do it? ‘Although various sectors of financial services in the United States and certain overseas markets are in the midst of a retrenchment, we’ve been fortunate to have made some of the right bets,’ says WhiteRock Group CEO Gustavo Dolfino.

‘Just like some investment banks outperformed competitors by making good predictions, we too could see how there was too much leverage in the system, and we tailored our business accordingly; we believe used appropriately, such leverage can be accretive. Volatility is our friend.’

Right now, WhiteRock Group is poised to handle financial executive search needs — and other critical services — around the world, with mature offices in New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong in addition to the new openings.

The firm has also added a seventh division — Technology — to help its clients recruit Chief Information Officers and other top information technology talent needed to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-moving world of financial IT.

And continuing the strategy that has succeeded so well to date, WhiteRock Group has continued to hire executive search professionals who are ex-Wall Streeters with deep experience in financial services as operators and managers. This gives WhiteRock professionals the ability to take human capital consulting to the next level by creating a one-stop shop that caters to client needs on a wide variety of issues, ranging from staffing to strategic planning — a distinct advantage for clients

WhiteRock Group’s newest hires include:

– Michael Kissi, Director, Commodities. Michael is a pro’s pro in commodities, having worked previously at the Mercantile Commodities Exchange.

– Ellen Reiser — Managing Director. Ellen brings to WhiteRock Group more than 30 years’ experience in financial services.

Structured to Meet the Needs of Today’s Financial Services Firms

To provide excellent service to clients in specialized financial services sectors, WhiteRock Group is organized for executive search in seven key areas:

– Research — includes equities and fixed income.

– Sales and Trading, includes equities, fixed income, credit and rates including foreign exchange (FOREX), commodities, high yield and distressed debt.

– Investment Banking, includes capital markets, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), advisory and corporate finance.

– Legal and Compliance, primarily buy side practice.

– Global Asset and Wealth Management, includes long only asset management.

– Alternative Investments, includes private equity and hedge funds.

– Technology, ensuring financial services firms have the IT talent they need to maintain a competitive edge.

WhiteRock Group delivers its clients services and benefits beyond those typically associated with an executive search firm. Given the financial experience of its professionals, WhiteRock Group at times may consult with clients on investment and M&A opportunities; raising capital and due diligence; finance and operational strategy; and corporate structure and staffing strategy. In effect, WhiteRock functions as a one-stop shop for a broad range of strategies and ideas.

‘When we work with a client, we’re not just looking at the open job req,’ says Dolfino, who is regularly quoted by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time, CNBC and Bloomberg among others. ‘We’re looking at the underlying business and thinking about what this client really needs both strategically and practically, versus simply what the client has asked for. There are a lot of brains and experience in this company; clients have a wealth of wisdom working on their behalf.’

WhiteRock places full-time professionals, temporary management teams, crisis management teams and strategic management consultants for companies including asset management firms, hedge funds and investment banks. As an important component of our company’s diversity strategy, we recognize social responsibility as an essential part of achieving diversity in all aspects of the work environment. WhiteRock Group is dedicated to helping companies achieve goals in women’s and minority executive search.

Press Release, September 16 – 2008


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