Property buyers in Ajman to get residence visa

Real estate buyers in Ajman will be given residence visas provided property developers give assurance to that effect to project developers in the emirate of the UAE.

The visas will have a validity of one year and will be renewed annually in the emirate of the UAE, said several project developers. They say they will be signing pacts with the master developers for the issuance of visas.

A residence visa will be given only after the investor or buyer gets possession of the apartment and the developer issues a no-objection letter. The visa is expected to cost about Dh1,500 and can be renewed in Ajman every year.

Source: Go Wealthy

Ajman freezes freehold visas

The Ajman Naturalisation and Residency Department has stopped issuing and renewing investors’ visas for freehold property owners in Ajman, Gulf News has learnt. Property buyers and investors cannot even get a visit visa for their spouses or children, but most developers are still selling properties on promises of a residence visa. Sources told Gulf News that no residence or visit visas will be issued to those who buy properties.

« In order to obtain a residence visa one must have a business here or a job. Unemployed people will not be issued a visa even if they own freehold property, » the source said. « We will not even renew visas of freehold owners, » the official said.

Ajman is the second emirate to have made an about turn on the crucial issue after Dubai – after years of assurance of visa sponsorship linked to property ownership. More than 20,000 foreigners have already moved to their freehold homes in Dubai, and a few hundred have been handed over to buyers in Ajman – which has seen a massive construction in recent months.

« This step was taken in order to regulate the visa rules. Some used to buy an apartment to obtain a residence visa and then sell the apartment to somebody else who already had a visa, » the source said.

Source: Gulf News, By Bassma Al Jandaly, October 10, 2008, 00:27

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I own a property in Ajman emirates city, lavender tower construction on the project is going on and it has past the 22th floor.
    Have a contract and its due in 2011, more than 50% paid for. Currently I am interested in selling the property if interested let me know for more details.

    Best regards
    Alireza rahimian

  2. Dear Ajman,
    Last 5 years i was in Ajman.
    I am looking the development of the Ajman it so beautiful, as well as the Goverment should be provided for the strict rules and regularation unless becoming a useless so, it is reasonable rules and it is appreciate.
    Thanks and Salam alaikum SHK.UMAR and SHK.RASHID.

  3. Dear sir,

    i am a resident of dubai, i got employment visa,
    can i buy a house in ajman area ? if it is possible let me know.

  4. Freehold property owners to get residency Visa in the United Arab Emirates

    A federal law granting residency visas to owners of freehold property will be introduced within the year, a senior government official has disclosed. The proposal, welcomed by property developers, will allow the owners to obtain a six-month renewable residency visa, regardless of their nationality or the size and value of the property, said Brig Gen Nasser al Minhali, the acting director general of the federal Department of Naturalisation and Residency (DNR).

  5. hi, there hello everybody as i am surfing the net to find out whats going on in ajman . we are worried since we brought a apartment in emirates city on assurance of residence visa as well as many other thing , but since the credit crisis and ajman govts decision to stop issuing residence visas to property buyers , we are really scared of our investment we paid on instalments , we are concidering pull out from the investment , but can any one tell us what is best to do in this time of crisis .. ? or can any one think the launched projects will go head ? pls post your reply

  6. hi guys,

    other question which is linked, does anybody know if the rumour that all projects are stopped in Ajman, including those which have started construction?

    i’ve bought off plan in the boulevard and someone well connected told me that…

  7. Assalamualaikum to all,

    Now as UAE plans to implement Unified Freehold Property Regulation, could any body tell us that when the issuing of the visas is going to be started.
    As all the expatriats are willing to visit UAE and wish to take care of their properties purchased by them.
    Also we think that the completion and possession of the apartments may speed up.
    We all wishing for the best.
    Please tell if possible.

  8. UAE mulls unified freehold visa

    The UAE government is planning new laws regarding the issue of freehold property visas linked to foreigners’ ownership of properties in different emirates, a top Dubai government official said.

    « The Advisory Council [of Dubai Government] has submitted a proposal to the Federal Government on the issue of property-linked visas to review, » Nasser Bin Hassan Al Shaikh, director-general of Dubai Government’s Department of Finance, said at a media briefing on the sidelines of the government’s 2009 budget announcement.

    « Since a number of emirates have developed their own freehold visa arrangements, there are thoughts at the federal level to streamline the process and announce a unified guideline for all the emirates, » he was quoted as saying in the Gulf News.

    Dubai Government created the Advisory Council in October last year, to assess the impact of the global financial crisis on Dubai’s economy, which has been hit due to an outflow of capital, estimated to be well above Dh200 billion ($54.4 billion).

    He said there could be a new law guiding this soon, without giving any timeframe. When asked if he expects a positive resolution, he replied, « Yes, I hope so. »

    The freehold visa issue has come to light in recent months when major master developers Nakheel and Emaar – who have been helping foreign buyers of freehold properties to get three-year renewable residence visas – had stopped facilitating them last year, prompting investor outcry.

    Experts have welcomed the move, saying the country needed a unified regulation on this and a streamlined procedure to restore investor confidence.

    « It is reassuring. It is positive news and will bring a lot of faith and confidence in the market, » Sudhir Kumar, managing director of Realtor’s International, a property consultancy.

    « The matter of freehold visas has been an issue of major concern for real estate investors. This addresses the concern. With this, the government is showing its strength and resilience in the time of crisis. »

    Dubai’s master-developers have, since 2002, been pledging « freehold visas » to attract foreign investors to the emirate’s real estate sector, in the absence of a proper rule to dictate this.

    Since then, they have facilitated this to lots of buyers having a special arrangement with the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency department.

    Subsequently, a number of master-developers in Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah followed suit, attracting massive investment into their real estate sector.

    Five out of the UAE’s seven emirates now have designated areas where foreign nationals can buy and own properties on a freehold and leasehold basis. Sharjah does not allow non-Arabs to own properties on a freehold basis.

    Abu Dhabi allows foreigner to own what it calls « surface property » and not the land on designated areas. However, there is no federal law to regulate the freehold property market and visa issuance linked to property ownership to foreigners.

    As per the UAE constitution, land of each emirate belongs to Rulers and they decide the ownership, usage and allocation of the land.

    Source : Trade Arabia, 11/01/2009

  9. UAE plans to implement Unified Freehold Property Regulation

    UAE has placed a draft legislation that restricts expatriates from automatically acquiring residency visas through freehold property ownership, revealed a Federal National Council (FNC) member.

    The Council will soon submit draft legislation on freehold properties to the government, which is hoped to unify the divergent law pertaining to the sector in the seven emirates.

    One of the Council members, Dr. Abdul Rahim Shaheen, said that the council was considering implementation of the proposed legislation as quickly as possible.

    With seven emirates handling freehold property under various rules, there has been utter chaos in the sector. The government plans to issue a federal regulation which unifies rules on dealing with foreigners with regard to freehold of properties and imposes strict punishments against those who exploit ownership for generating public interest.

    Expatriates are not entitled to 25-year residency through owernship of a property, clarified a senior official at the Ministry of Interior.

    Source: Estates Dubai – December 21, 2008

  10. Early 2009, the Ajman government has created a new body, the Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Establishment, to regulate the emirate’s property and construction sector. It’s a very recent decision.

  11. As in Dubai builders are forced by law that they cant take more than 20% of purchase price before the start of construction, is this law applied in Ajman, as I already paid 62% and there is no sign of construction in near future. Do anybody know the govt dept where we can get proper info. Where buyers are protected ?

  12. According to an article by Emirates Business dated 16/12/2008, the Ajman Government is stepping up measures to closely regulate the real estate buyers’ profile in the emirate by temporarily stopping issuance of residence visas.

    « We do understand the government is not issuing residence visas. However, there is no official statement from the Ajman government, » said Khurram Wahid, Director of developer Chapal World.

    Indiana Real Estate, the real estate agent for developer Modern Life Properties, confirmed that the Ajman government has temporarily stopped issuance of residence visas.

    « As far as we are aware this is only a temporary move and the government will commence the issuance of the visas by the first quarter of 2009, » said Rajesh Krishna, Managing Director for Indiana Real Estate.

    Osama Kalyar, Chief Operating Officer of Gold Crest Properties said: « This is a federal issue and I am sure the government will look to issue residence visas by early next year. The government is currently looking to align the visas that have been already issued and as well monitor the issuance of new visas in the coming years.

    « Many units have been resold to somebody, however the visas have not been transferred. Hence the government is looking to align the whole process. »

    However, Wahid believes stopping issuance of residence visas to buyers in Ajman would dampen investors’ interest in the long term.

    « Ajman was the only emirate guaranteeing visas for realty buyers after Dubai stopped issuing visas for its property buyers. If that clause is removed it will remove the trust from the market, » he added.

    In August, Emirates Business reported master developers in Dubai had removed the clause that guarantees a residence visa for property buyers from contracts they enter into with sub-developers. Ajman was the only emirate that was guaranteeing residence visa.

  13. hello and salam,

    I am also another victim of the same issue, I have noticed that its normal in UAE to change anything anytime without feeling about OTHERS there is no consideration for people outside UAE, rules can change and nothing is guaranteed my question is why did the developers market it outside the UAE for foreigners and how come they guarantee everything (very strange)

    Not only Visa, my developer has halted the construction cause they dont have planning permission from municipal body called Baldia which is not just strange thing its a horrible thing. I dont know whats next.

  14. All of us were told that the clients would get the visa after the possession and also after the full payment received by the builders, but now they say that no body would get the visa even after the possession and full payment.
    And this is the factor which worries all of us.
    How the expatriats would mange their properties without even going to ajman?
    Also there are many investors who have purchased multiple properties and it is necessary for the owner to visit their country of investment atleast twice or thrice a year.
    Hope the government will find out some acceptable solution for all of us.

  15. I have read many news of this sought from various sites, but also heard from the builders side that the government will issue visas only to people when they get possession & not when they book the property.This is because the Government does not want additional population who will become burden until they get possession.
    Hope everything is clarified at the earliest.

  16. I bought the property in Ajman on the basis of residence visa and it was suppposed to be handed over by december 2008, but i was shocked when i read the article regarding freezing the residence visa for foreign investors. I dont understand whats the logic behind this. How on earth will the investors who are staying outside U.A.E , manage their properties? I request the U.A.E government to solve this problem as soon as possible or issue another memo to return back our money.

  17. Hi everybody.
    Yes, it is true you all have explained about the fate of visa after investing in property in UAE.
    Here is a suggestion from my side : like other countries like UK, USA, Europe and Australia and New Zealand, the UAE Government should issue a multiple entry visa for some period which is extendable after paying some government fees. Otherwise the investors will face lot of problems in managing their properties.

  18. I bought my flat direct from the government, will finish in 2010. They said we get a visa without problem. Now, I’m very surprised about it. It’s not fair. I and my husband are not young any more. We bought that, in order when we get retired to have our place and our visa.
    My building is Ajman Pearl, direct from Ajman Real Estate Investment. This real estate belongs to the government. I called them todoay they said when i will get my flat i will get my visa.
    Please let’s all get together and try to make a question direct to the goverment and if in case they say no, we try all to get our money back. We all together make it strong

  19. Salam Fakhir,
    regarding the infrastructure there are big state investments underway and it might just be a question of time before things reach the expected standards. Anyway you’re not alone and one can also expect local buyers and investors to deal with the developers.
    The visa issue is not limited to Ajman but involves other emirates as well. With respect to the current international circumstances, clarifying this element is certainly in UAE’s best interest.

  20. Salam to all
    I am also too much worried.
    I have also made an investment in Ajman with the promise being made by the developer of arranging the residence visa.
    Is it fair that after two or three years of investments we are being told that no residence visa would be issued?
    is it just on their part?
    Even there is the crisis of electricity and sewerage problems as well.
    I am also tensed and worried about the new circumstances.
    I think developers should stop taking further instalments until they are sure of some positive things like residence visas and electric supply to the projects.
    If not residence visa Ajman govt should arrange multiple visit visas at very low rates, so that we can visit UAE very often and manage our properties.
    There should be some solution. What do you think?

  21. I too have bought a property in Ajman. What about the rule of law ? The article my property analyst Mr Roger Wilkinson is his analysis and thoughts. How can one be sure of what’s going on ? When will the new rule come into effect ? Will they issue a residence visa or not ? Can anyone reply ? I’m worried about my investment

  22. Salam Mahboob, I can believe you have problems with the developer but if you didn’t agree with « so many points in the sale agreement » why did you sign it ?

  23. In this case they should ask developer to return the money to investors if they ask for it. In my case I have booked in Emirates City Ajman. My developer is saying that he is not responsible to provide electricity, gas and water sewerage line : with that, how can I get possession ? They are ever rude to me. There are so many points in the sale purchase agreement that I do not agree with. Since I am far, I cannot do anything. Wish someone can help me to find a lawyer so that I can stop payment.

  24. Yes Ms. Spiffy, you are right. Further to your comment I added above the article from Gulf News.

    Meanwhile, according to a post on, « The Ajman Government Office stance on the Resident Visa’s is that it is Federal i.e. orders from Abu Dhabi, and the Residence Visa’s are on ‘hold’ at the moment while the situation is being assessed. This ruling is the same for all of the UAE, including Dubai.

    It sounds as if they may become available again as originally agreed, and the Law is likely to change ‘a number of times’ before completion of most of the projects. Obviously this is not guaranteed. However, with the ( extremely large ) amounts of investments made by the Government in the infrastructure of the Emirates such as additional Power Stations, Sewage & Desalination Plants, Schools, Highways, Roads, Metro and shopping malls etc as well as the tourism of hotels, Dubai Land, man made islands, the expansion of the existing Airport and construction of another new bigger airport and too many others to mention, they will not ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ and not look after the investors themselves !

    There is talk of issuing an Investors Type Visit Visa that will allow ‘extended’ stays in the country i.e. annually and multiple entries, but that has not been confirmed yet. »

  25. I am an expat American living, residing and working in Dubai in the UAE. Since I really like it in the UAE I booked a flat in Ajman that will be finished in 2012.

    I bought directly from the developer who marketed and represented that property owners WOULD RECEIVE a residence visa if they are not on an employer or business owner visa already.

    Since I bought the property (and have already made a significant downpayment) based on this representation of this UAE developer… I am horrified to read in the 10 Oct 2008 Gulf News business section that the government of Ajman has frozen ALL residence visa applications.

    What is with this? Where is the Rule of Law? I had planned to eventually (when I am much older) retire and live in this property… now what about my future and what about the value of my investment ?????

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