Polygon expands globally with new offices in Dubai, India and China

Dubai, UAE — Polygon, the jewelry industry’s largest B2B Internet marketplace, announced today the beginning of its global expansion, with new offices opened in Dubai, Mumbai and Shenzhen, China. Polygon’s international inititiative is a joint venture with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), a Dubai government initiative. As part of the expansion, Jacques Voorhees, founder of Polygon, was named Chairman. New CEO’s were named for PolyGroup, Ltd. and Polygon DMCC.

Replacing Voorhees, Louis Mousseau, formerly Vice President of Corporate Marketing for Mediagrif, Polygon’s parent company, will act as President of PolyGroup, Ltd., headquartered in Dillon, Colorado. Marie-Josée Trépanier, formerly head of Mediagrif’s Dubai division, is the new CEO of Polygon DMCC, headquartered in Dubai in the DMCC free zone.

“We chose to affiliate with Polygon because of its leading position in the industry,” said Ahmed bin Sulayem, COO of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. “As Dubai expands its status as a global hub for the trade, Polygon is the online component of that expansion-a critical piece in the 21st century.”

“Polygon has a dominant position in the U.S. market,” noted Voorhees. “By expanding globally, we will be leveraging that position, and bringing our expertise in online-marketplaces to the emerging markets in the Middle East, India, Asia, Africa, and Russia as well as in other key regions.

“Among Mediagrif’s networks, Polygon is one of the several to have potential for strong growth. I’m excited to have a role in realizing that growth,” said Louis Mousseau, the newly named President of PolyGroup, Ltd. “Our offices in Dubai, Mumbai, and Shenzhen will directly support the expansion of Polygon into these regions. The response we’ve met with so far in these markets is very positive, and we expect great opportunities to materialize over the coming months,” said Marie-Josée Trépanier, newly named CEO of Polygon DMCC.

Source: Dubai Multi Commodities Center 27/06/2006


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