Aman launches new Takaful and Savings Plan in the UAE

Nexus, the region’s leading financial adviser, yesterday announced the launch of Unit-Linked Takaful and Savings Plan in the UAE, to provide investors with a Shariah-compliant opportunity to protect wealth.

Demand for Takaful products in the Middle East has increased sharply in recent months, with investors increasingly seeing the benefits of the transparency and security of such funds, as well as their adherence to Islamic ethical expectations.

The new plan has been developed in partnership with Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Aman) and an international market leader in takaful, FWU Group. As a national Islamic insurance company, AMAN’s investment and insurance activities are conducted in accordance with Shariah, under the supervision of a Fatwa and Shariah Board, whose members are specialists in Islamic economics and Shariah transactions.

Mahmoud Nodjoumi, Founder and CEO of Nexus, said: « The takaful market is becoming increasingly sophisticated in response to customer demand, providing an equivalent level of return to conventional financial products, as well as a high level of transparency and flexibility. In launching this new Takaful and Savings Plan, we believe we are providing an important opportunity for our clients. »

The Unit-Linked Takaful and Saving Plan can be adapted for either regular or lump sum contributions. While Nexus offers a highly comprehensive panel of personal and corporate financial products, it is confident that Takaful will emerge as one of its most popular lines over the next 12 months.

« We believe that demand for this product range will continue to rise over the coming months, particularly as customer awareness increases. We anticipate a strong response, » he said.

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