Hong Kong joins efforts with Dubai to promote Islamic Finance in China

Islamic finance in China will be a two-way process both for investment into the Middle East through sukuks and for investment into the growth story of China.

A high-level delegation of Hong Kong financiers visits Dubai to promote the Chinese special economic zone as a gateway to Shariah-compliant fund-raising and investment in China. Read the article at Peter J. Cooper’s Weblog

Peter J Cooper is a freelance financial journalist based in the Dubai Media City, and a former partner in the Middle East’s best-read English language website http://www.ameinfo.com. He is also a columnist for http://www.business24-7.ae/cs the new UAE business newspaper.

Hong Kong’s Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) signs an Islamic finance pact with the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The memorandum of understanding calls for mutual cooperation on capacity building and human capital development in Islamic finance, as well as the promotion and development of their respective Islamic capital market segments. Under the MOU, both parties will examine the possibility of establishing a framework for the mutual recognition of their regulatory regimes on Islamic funds to facilitate cross-border marketing and distribution of such funds. Source: Asian Investor April 7, 200

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