International Institute of Islamic Finance, Inc. – Malaysia

The International Institute of Islamic Finance Incorporated (IIIF Inc.) is an offshore company, registered in British Virgin Island (BVI). IIIF Inc. is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and engages its operation worldwide.

IIIF Inc. provides and introduces professional development programmes for institutional and corporate clientele as well as general public, focusing on the Islamic financial services and products. It was established with the aim of fulfilling the need of Islamic finance knowledge globally and producing Islamic finance savvy professionals.


CPE Modules

CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Module aims at both practising and potential professional from various academic and practice backgrounds. It consists of four modules that are Shari’ah Rules and Standards, Islamic Accounting and Auditing, Islamic Banking and Insurance and Islamic Capital Market. CPEM candidates will be awarded with relevant certificates.

EMBA Islamic Finance

Executive Masters in Business Administration (specializing in Islamic Finance).

Covering the areas of;

• Islamic Law in Banking & Finance

• Accounting, Auditing & Governance of Islamic Financial Institutions

• Financial System and Regulations of Financial Environment

• Financial Management & Islamic Financing Operations

• Issues on Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions

• Issues on Islamic Capital Market

Online Islamic Banking (OLIB) courses (in progress)

Providing a cutting-edge education approach by introducing the OLIB. The OLIB features include:

• Internet-based, self-paced and interactive with unlimited single user access system.

• Minimal face-to-face classes.

• Master index listing and virtual library.

• Printable Exercises- PDF downloadable files for extra practice.

• Pre and Post “Skill Assessment Test Kit” for each course.

• Instructional steps- easy to follow a “walk through procedure”.

• Certificate of Completion.


Certification programme is meant to certify relevant human resource sectors in the industry of Islamic Finance according to a certain standard. This programme in collaboration with relevant regulators/authorities will certify personnels in the following areas:

• Islamic Accounting (Accountant)

• Islamic Auditing (Auditors)

• Shari’ah Certification (Shari’ah Advisers)



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