Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Programmes


The Islamic Development Bank‘s fund and implement its scholarship programmes as part of its overall effort in the development of human resources of its member countries and those of the Muslim communities in non-member countries.

There are three scholarship programmes offered by IDB:

Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries

This Programme was launched in 1404H (1983G) to enable Muslim students from the Muslim communities in non-member countries to undertake undergraduate studies in medicine, engineering, agriculture and other related fields in their own countries or in the IDB member countries. The Programme is implemented jointly with the Counterpart Organizations through which interested candidates may submit their applications if they have the necessary requirements (e.g., graduated from Senior High School at age 24 years or less with good grades in basic sciences and English or French language, etc). The Programme covers tuition, stipend, books/clothing allowance etc. all as interest-free-loan payable to a local Trust after graduation and gainful employment.

M.Sc Scholarship Programme in Science and Technology for IDB Least Developed Member Countries

The M.Sc Scholarship Programme was launched in 1419H (1998G) with the objective to assist IDB Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs) in the development of their human capital especially in science and technology that are both relevant and necessary for their development. A total of 190 scholarships in five years have been made available for a two-year M.Sc study in science and technology for students who are no more than 30 years old, in possession of a B.Sc/equivalent degree, above average in academic standing, etc. The Programme covers living allowance, clothing and books allowance, medical coverage, flight ticket and tuition fee.

Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology

The implementation of this Programme began in 1411H (l99l). The Programme is for advanced studies and/or research (3-year Ph.D and 6-12-month Post-Doctorate) in 16 applied science and high technology areas deemed necessary for the development of the member countries. The Programme covers monthly stipend, books/clothing allowance, tuition, thesis/scientific papers preparation, medical insurance, flight ticket, etc. Scholars below the age of 35 for PhD study and below the age of 40 years for Post Doctoral research are eligible for the Programme where 50 scholarships are available every year, if they have a good M.Sc degree, « very good » grades (for PhD study) and PhD (for Post Doctoral research), 2-5 years of experience, some publications and can meet other requirements.

Remark : RIBH doesn’t represent the IDB and any candidate eligible for a scholarship should directly apply to the IDB.



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  1. I am currently a 3rd year student in one of kenyan Universities,doing medicine,i am from somalia,i am performing well but my big challenge is i will not be able to pay the tution fee from next year,does islamic bank assist such students??

  2. please i’m muslim, nationality ethiopian, hafidu al quran, graduated 2007. i would like to get scholarship from islamic bank.

  3. I am from somalia, i live in malaysia, i have recently completed my MSc in water resource engineering.
    i wand to pursue my PhD in Western countries therefore, is it possible from me to get Phd schloraship from IDB ?

  4. aselamualeykum, i ‘m an ethiopian muslim and i m trying to have this scholarship program. i already admit my documents to the local sharia office. i have the following score in national exam,english A, maths A, physics A, bio A, chemi A, history A, geography A, civics A anyway all subjects A. but our local officials always send their relatives or people they know not the student that deserves it. so please do something.

  5. Wa alaykum essalam wa rahmatu Allah. Nigeria is a member country of IDB, therefore you are normally eligible for IDB scholarships but you need to check for which program you might apply and directly contact IDB.

  6. Assalamu-alaykum, I am a Nigerian Muslim from Nasarawa state, I live in Nigeria. I graduated from University in the year 2000 with 2nd class upper hon. in Business Administration, 32 years by age and have 4years work experience. I want to know if I can gain scholarship from IDB for M.Sc. programme in Nigeria University or any approved Islamic Country. If ‘yes’, explain the application process, please. Thank You. Ma’assalam.

  7. i am a nigerian muslim from zamfara state, i live in nigeria. i want to know if i can gain scholarship from IDB, i am undergraduate in nigeria university. wassalam.

  8. I am a Nigerian Muslim, from Kwara State, I live in Nigeria I want to know if i can gain Scholarship from IDB for My M.Sc Programme in Nigeria University or any University in United arab Emirates. Thanks

  9. As mentioned in the article, there is a Scholarship Programme for Muslim students from the Muslim communities in non muslim countries to undertake undergraduate studies in medicine, engineering, agriculture and other related fields in their own countries or in the IDB member countries. It is not precised if muslim students living outside their own country can benefit from this programme. You may ask directly the IDB.

  10. i would like to know if i am eligible to get islamic bank scholarship. are muslims who live in Christian countries eligible to get islamic bank scholarship ? i am from Somalia and I live in the United States of America i cannot pay my college fee so is there any way that i can get scholarship. i dont wanna Ribah

  11. Is IDB scholarship programmes available for Malaysian to further PhD study in countries like US and Europe. If yes, I can I apply?

    Thank you

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